Flag of Convenience

Well… the Spanish government, as usual, has been completely impotent do defend Galicia from the toxic black poison that has hit the shores all over that region. Aznar has proven once and for all, to be one of the worst prime ministers in Spain’s history… the man has no plans for anything except arresting people who don’t follow his politics.

Local governments have tried setting up those floating bueys that are supposed to block the oil, but the ocean is so rough that the waves are going right over these barriers. The slick is making its way into the Minho River in northern Portugal. The EU is unacceptably taking forever to respond! This is precisely when a rapid reaction military force could be put to use… send them instantly to stop the oil slick. with all the guns and bombs – all they know how to do is destroy, they are rarely used to protect and serve.

The boat was registered in Bahamas. The government of Bahamas will be one of the first to be taken to trial if there is any justice on this planet! An American company was the last to inspect the ship, that company is the second entity to be taken to court, they let that ship sail! The European Parliament balked on a bill to ban ships like the prestige from sailing because they didnt want to hurt oil prices, the ENTIRE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT must be taken before a world court, charged with endangering the planet and destroying the lives of EU citizens. This should be war… this is truely terror!