Matthew Dons: Making Cancer History

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
In Haarlem, NL
Matthew Dons
In Tokyo, JP

Matthew Dons is back! And after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer over 6 years ago; that’s saying something!

Today on the program we continue to follow his story of life, not after cancer, but with cancer. Including the launch of his new online course to help combat the misinformation that has found its way into every corner of the internet. “Making Cancer History” is the course he is teaching and people around the world are taking notice!

Iuliia Skubytska: War Childhood Museum Ukraine

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
In Haarlem, The Netherlands
Iuliia Skubytska
In Sarajevo, Bosnia

Today on the podcast we are joined by the Ukraine director of the War Childhood Museum, to hear about the work they do and how it is being impacted by the ongoing invasion.

I’d like to also inform you that if you appreciate the unique and impactful work they are doing, they could really use your help. Please go to to find out how to make a monetary donation.

Christopher Lydon: The State of the World 2021

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Christopher Lydon

Once a year I have the great pleasure of spending a few days in Boston with my dear friend and audio legend Christopher Lydon. We listen to Duke Ellington, pour over audio for his next program, and find time to turn on the microphone and have our “state of the world” conversation. Having missed our standing appointment during the pandemic, this year I managed to cautiously get back to Boston, back to my happy place; sitting across from Chris and discussing life.

Today on the podcast, it’s the State of the World in 2021, starring the one and only Christopher Lydon.

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Tim from Radio Clash: The Sounds of a Pandemic

The longest running mashup podcast in the world started in London under the name Radio Clash where to this day Tim sits behind the mic. A member of the original podcasters generation, he has seen trends emerge and disappear, crises, change, the good the bad… the odd.. all of it. And then came Covid19.

Today on the podcast, from Lockdown London, it’s Tim from Radio Clash to talk music, politics, culture, gentrification, London, BLM, and more.

Songs in today’s podcast come from the following episodes of Tim’s program:

Tony Pierce: How LA Handles a Pandemic

Tony Pierce talks to people for a living. They tell him about how life is these days, what jobs they do, what challenges they face, and what they make of the crazy world around them. As a longtime resident of LA and blogger extraordinaire, who better to hear from during a pandemic to learn how life is for Angelinos. We discuss things like how LA feels today, what is good about working from home in this crisis, and how people are coping in different communities. We also look back on our glorious past and how we got here internet-wise. Also safe places to park your plane or new car. Today on the podcast, we spend the hour with the great Tony Pierce!

Driving the Garden State Parkway South

Still retracing my audio steps from the recent United States visit, this time on the Garden State Parkway, looking out at all the cars and development and whathaveyou. Listen in as I simultaneously dodge dead deer while giving a socio-political analysis on the state of the states.