Step Two:

After awhile it becomes boring to just echo what all the other follow-the-leader bloggers are yappin about. So go somewhere else to read about how little scooter is done for. And this is certainly not nuff, I want so heads to roll next week as well please. What they really should fire/disband is the whole […]

bicyclemark77: Jazz Legends Remembered, and East Timor Revisited (REPOST*)

(REPOST Due to hurricane damage)Shirley Horn and Elvin Jones Remembered. While East Timor seems to have been forgotten. AudioCommunique #77(mp3)28min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+ Discussed: Shirley Horn Died Elvin Jones Died and Carlos Santana Reflects on Popular Culture’s Ignorance East Timor – The Post-Colonial History Henry Kissinger and the invasion of East Timor The mass murder of […]

Health, Can Anyone Afford it?

I’ve been thinking alot lately about work, unions, health insurance. Three terms that long ago, went hand in hand. Long, long ago. Before my time actually. Several sources have triggered and fueled my thoughts on this topic, among them: Bill Maher shutting down that bow-tie wielding simpleton Tucker Carlson, on the subject of 44 million […]

A Peruvian Trap

You know how it goes when you’re a world citizen blogger. One day you’re talking about Poland, then Frisbee in Amsterdam, and before you know it, it’s time to talk Turkey. Or as we say in Portuguese “Peru” . Not sure how much you know or the world’s media tells you, about Peruvian history and […]