Libyan Pride

Suddenly every newspaper is giving their little anaylsis of how Libya’s decision to dismantle their weapons programs is a victory for GW Bush’s pre-emptive strike doctrine. They say its thanks to Bush’s invasion of Iraq that other countries are panicing out of fear.


For almost 10 years now Libya has quite publicly changed its policies with the outside world. Why? Because of Kadaffi and his ego. The man is obsessed with the notions of his legacy and doing important things that will make him loved long after his death. For this reason he has dedicated his time to the creation of the African Union, a European Unionesque framework in its beggining stages. He has also renounced his position as dictator of Libya, keeping a symbolic role of head-of-state, self proclaimed king in many ways. In his place Libya’s parliament makes policy decisions, complete with all the corruption you would find in any western governing body. Kadaffi has also focused on improving his relationship with Europe.. especially France and England, by owning up to his government’s relation to the lockerbie and other hijackings. His government has shelled out millions for families of bombing victims… how many other governments can claim to do the same? Does Saudi Arabia pay WTC survivors?

In a recent interview with a NYTimes reporter, Kaddafi talked about how he once believed in arm sturggle to forward a cause, but now believes he was wrong, and better avenues should be taken to create change.

There is no doubt the man has a huge ego, which in the past has hurt people. But it is not as western media tries to paint it… he is not the same kind of dictator as Saddam or Pinochet…. we always want to paint things black and white, and put things into categories.

This is not the result of Bush’s bully tactics that have alienated the world. Bush has done nothing to make the world a more peaceful place – war does not result in peace, it results in more fighting and despair.

Libya is not a trophy, Libya has been changing for a long time, it’s the press that has no memory of history.