9-11 profiteering.

George Bush’s fine performance since 9-11.

– Invaded two countries, both still ravaged by civil war.

– Rejected international agreements on not-testing nuclear weapons.

– Rejected international enviromental accords (actually pre-911)

– Presided over the worst financial scandles in recent history: Enron, Worldcomm, Adelphi, etc.

– Worst economy in a decade.

– Unemployment highest in more than a decade.

– Cut Veterans benefits.

– Did nothing to solve energy crises in either california or the northeast.

– The Israeli-Palestinian conflict gets worse and worse.

– Cuts aid to organizations in developing countries that support planned parenthood or birthcontrol.

– Sets an all time record for vacation days as president.

– Highest deficit since Reagan.. spending money he doesn’t have.

– Tuitions are skyrocketing at universities around the country.

I could go on, but eventually you get numb. Maybe thats what has happenned, the nation has gone numb.

To re-elect this man would be the cruelest joke ever played on a nation and the world.