Environmental Backlash

Dear Paris: Did you get the memo from the United Nations? – Global warming is a fact. A fact. Furthermore… a fact. I mention this because it has come to my attention that you are turning on your environmentally conscious mayor. You dislike him because he’s making special bus and bike lanes and he’s closing […]

Breakdown, Northern France

Well. I could make this stuff up… but the fact is.. this shit just happens. As previously mentioned, I met up with the hitchhike ride from Amsterdam to PAris. Cool people, old ride. Like old classic Mercedes minibus ride. I noticed everytime she shifted gears I could see the pavement beneath us. That and I […]

Faire du Stop

On my way to Paris… yeehaw. Hitching a ride, in fact, through the magic of hitchhikers.org which is always a garunteed interesting time. While in Paris I shall finally meet Chris from Americablog, who’s cats I already met during my last Paris visit. And naturally I’ll be seeing some of my wonderful Paris friends, including […]