European Airlift for Beirut

Now they’ve gone too far. You can’t just go and bomb your neighbor’s airport. There’s no way this world is going to survive if this is how things are allowed to work. Sorry Israeli government, sorry that your military is involved in such a quagmire that a handful get taken prisoner by groups of which you also have prisoners. I realize it makes you look bad and you have to put on a show to ensure your voting public that you’re strong and powerful and have the biggest bombs in the region. I recognize how the bullshit works in Israel, but out of everything that has taken place in my lifetime, this is just too much.

If you for some reason didn’t know it, because perhaps your local media decided not to report it and to hide reality from you, early this morning the Israeli military bombed southern Lebanon, a neighboring sovereign nation, and proceeded to bomb the only international airport, and last I checked, there is a sea and air blockade on Lebanon. The Israeli government has decided to take this action, with the blessing of the United States and what seems like a silent nothing from Europe. Nevermind getting the opinion of the nations of that region, they never bother with that.

Of course this was in response to something, it is always in a response to something. In this case: the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah who are largely based in southern Lebanon. Of course the kidnapping is in response to lots of things as well, the incursions into Gaza, which are also a response to something.. etc etc.. same old chain of -he started it – he started it.

But this goes beyond the usual games. The shots and rockets flying accross the border, now we’re talking about unilaterally deciding to incompacitate your neighbor country because you decide it is necessary. We’re talking about Lebanon… a civilized beautiful country where millions of people live peacefully. The vacation playground for people from around the world, and Israel decides to bomb the airport?

This is too much. When I think of my friends in Beirut. My wonderful friends and friends of friends, the most loving and world conscious people you could meet. They are now cut off from travel. Those who make their living from tourism are also doomed… it is summer time, no doubt all the tourists are flying in and out all day. Bombing the airport is like cutting their lifeline.. their livelihood. This cannot be.

So now the question. Who can do what. What can be done to stop them. Not much it seems. But I have one far fetched suggestion:

If Europe truely cares about Lebanon, and preventing the outbreak of war in a country so near to its borders, then send EU peacekeepers. Send the soldiers and put them in the airport. Station them between what seems like two very unstable and dangerous groups: the Israeli Army and Hezbollah. It is not secret that a European or American life is worth more in the eyes of the international community, than that of Lebanese person. For this reason, Europe must take a risk, defy the reckless policies of the United States, and stand in the way of this war mongering. Let’s see them drop a single bomb on an airport or a neighborhood where its well known European soldiers are standing guard.

Update: I just noticed that Italy and France have both condemned the attacks. Tourists are fleeing the country as fast as possible. This a disaster… action is required, no more bullshit stern statements.