ctrp436 A Young and Watchful Eye on Changes

MP3 Audio [30 MB]DownloadShow URL Youth has long been the buzz word connecting to the uprisings in North Africa and in the Middle East in the spring of 2011. A demographic shift, we’ve been told, combined with economic and social conditions, resulted in a new resistence culture with new strategies and goals for their respective […]

ctrp427 An African Political Safari

MP3 Audio [31 MB]DownloadShow URL An African Election is a film that documents the struggle and achievements of the 2008 Ghanian elections.¬† 4 years later, with the death President Atta Mills, the country is preparing to go back to the ballot box. And they’re not alone, throughout the continent of Africa, the wheels of democracy […]

Too Soon To Worry About Libya?

A militia rolls into the airport and shuts down all air traffic, because they’re angry about something. ¬†Another militia goes into the offices of the electoral commission and burns ballots, because they’re upset about something. Officials from the International Criminal Court are arrested and later released, under suspicion of being spies. – Eight months since […]

They Felt Ignored

Over the past weeks the stories have trickled in of events unfolding in Mali. In a rush to fill a knowledge void, many of us do quick research using sources from the past and present regarding this West African nation which in the 1300’s was an empire that controlled the very lucrative precious resource trade […]