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bmtv119 Room for Everyone

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March from Waterloo SquareThe squatting community in Amsterdam is under siege, with the new law declaring squatting illegal, many who have lived in their homes for a decade or more are now considered criminals and subject to forceful eviction. ; But the community and its supporters have not given up hope and refuse to be made homeless by the authorities.

This brief video clip is from one of the many marches against the evictions, as squatters and supporters marched from Waterloo Square through the heart of Amsterdam.… Read Full Text

ctrp328 Voices of a People’s History

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In keeping with the tradition started by Howard Zinn.Read Full Text

Voices of A People’s History Night

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Image by flickr member: Mezilla

Friends and readers in the Amsterdam area and beyond, I’ve been hard at work planning, reading, and organizing the details of a reading-performance even in honor of Howard Zinn and his greatest work – A People’s History of the United States.  I will be MC’ing the event, doing my best to run it just as well as Howard used to, hoping I do him justice.  Speakers will include some wonderful native and non-native english speakers from my network of friends here in Amsterdam.… Read Full Text