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Hospitals and Senior Homes

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I’ve spent the better part of this summer with senior citizens, especially those living in small town Portugal. They are the generation just barely hanging on, the same people who 20 years ago I would spend much of my summer with.  They were the farmers, the housewives, the seamstresses, and the factory workers. They raised children, they emigrated to countries where there was work and hope, and then they came home to live among their farms and friends for those golden years as they awaited visits from grandchildren and for life to carry on.… Read Full Text

The Backbone of our World

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“Family farmers are the backbone of our nation’s economy,” – the words of the legendary Willie Nelson speaking on behalf of farm-aid not too long ago.  I thought about the words of Willie today as I walked through the mud, under the fences, past the sheep, next to the cows, over the stream and yes.. through the woods. Up here in Normandie, I’m not sure there has ever been a farm-aid organization, though we do know that farmers in France get their share of – often referred to as unfair- subsidies and market protection.… Read Full Text

ctrp392 New Approaches and Proven Methods for Rural Life

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The goal to live life on their terms took Ryanne and Jay from New York City to San Francisco and eventually to Western Virginia. … Read Full Text

ctrp309 Will California Agriculture Survive?

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People in the US and around the world are used to getting their fruits and veggies from California.… Read Full Text