bmtv102 Failure to Yield

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The Union of Concerned Scientists put out a report recently which runs down the last decade of genetically modified crops. As you know thats a topic that greatly concerns this website; what genetically modified crops have done to and for the world.

Although GMO crops have only been in use for about a decade, the? report looks at this decade in terms of yield/production? as well as the impact these crops have had on the environment. The results, as you can read and hear about, are poor for a technology that is supposed to save the world from hunger. In fact, it turns out there are a few other methods that have proven far more productive than genetically modified crops.

In this video entry I go over the biggest conclusions of the report. I recommend you also have a look for yourself, don’t just take my word for it.

bmtv97 The Banana Book

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The Banana Book, by Dan Koeppel, has arrived here at the politburo. The book that looks at the secrets and controversial history of the banana. How its farmed, how it finds its way to our kitchen, and more.

Also I mention another book I just picked up, and a little on the new camera I traded-up for, the very affordable Kodak Zi6.

I’m not embedding the player on this post, just use the player at the top right of the blog or click on the direct link icon.

Dangerous Bananas

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Banana Memo

Banana Memo

My buddy Lucas was telling me that he digs the site, but that I move from topic to topic too quickly for him.? Usually I listen to comments like that, say thanks, and then go back to doing my own thing, my way. But Lucas is a good man, who may be on to something.? Perhaps another step in my evolution as a citizen reporter will be to keep the focus on one topic, or at least a small amount of topics for an extended period.? Examples for this year, GMO agriculture, environmental crimes in Europe and North America, and perhaps the one I will start rolling out this week: Bananas.? (although I still maintain that its my site and a big world and I do what I want!)

You heard right on that last part: Bananas. Naners. Beloved fruit of millions if not billions of people, but lesser known for being one of the leading causes of suffering and political chaos in the 20th century.? And of course they’re not finished yet.

Lets set the stage for this issue, because its far bigger than our friend the banana. Its about

bm288 Genetically Modified Sugar

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The things you may not have known about GMO sugar in your food.