CTRP485 Support Our Friend Karamoon

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Matthew Karamoon is a longtime friend of this podcast who over the years has contributed his observations on and off the air. This summer he learned that he is dying of cancer that is uncurable. In an effort to survive longer and have more time with his young family, he is persuing immune therapy that comes at a price tag he cannot afford. Therefore we as a community of friends and yes even strangers, are getting involved and helping Karamoon get the therapy he needs. On today’s program I talk about Karamoon and go back to moments where he has been on the program. The goal here is to get more support…  so if you’re reading or listening.. I’m talking to you.

Links for today’s show:

  1. Most Important: Cancer Fund for Matthew on Gofundme
  2. Japan Earthquake Podcasts Featuring Karamoon in March and April 2011
  3. Karamoon’s Hope 6 Talk: “The Life and Times of Alan Turing”

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Mass Noun

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, Terrorism is defined as follows:

 the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

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Oxford takes it a bit further:

The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims

And finally, the Urban Dictionary brings it all home:

Manipulation of any person or group of persons fear (the emotion of terror, hence TERRORism) in order to gain obedience/forceful agreement, or accomplish a certian objective.

-So there’s that.

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CTRP484 Beyond the Sharing Economy

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The topic is unfortuantely overly discussed in an almost routine way in our world today: the sharing economy, the good that it does, who is in it, and who is against it. Yet even the definition of what is the sharing economy is pretty fuzzy. On today’s podcast the subject is the sharing economy and growth, what happens when these often interesting and beneficial services grow into global empires? Where does the human and society fit into this equation that is so focused on earning income by tapping into untapped resources in every day life?

Talk by Yochai Benkler “Challenges of the Sharing Economy” for the World Economic Forum

Comments by Bahairavi Desai on the Laura Flanders Show “Uber, Wal-mart on Wheels?”

Podcast Recommendations:

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CTRP483 How Podcasts Evolved; A Conversation with Martin of Stocktown Chronicles

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Made my way up to Stockholm to spend quality time with my pal Martin of the Stocktown Chronicles Podcast. Together we sat back, drank tea, and discussed what we’ve seen emerge and change in podcasting since the very first days.  Sit back, turn up the volume, and emerse yourself in this conversation.

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