bmtv123 Demonstration in Lisbon

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Avenida da LiberdadeOne Saturday in March some 200,000 people took to the streets of Lisbon to express their frustration and desperation with the government’s performance, corruption and its economic/social policies. It was in fact a beautiful day filled with creative and humorous approaches to protesting from a city (and a country) that knows a bit about taking to the streets to demand a better future.

Casa do Passal 2011

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Casa do Passal 2011

Artistides de Sousa Mendes saved the lives of over 30,000 people in Southern France in 1940. He did so in defiance of orders from the Portuguese Dictator who in turn disgraced him and blacklisted him, eventually leaving him in poverty. This included the loss of Casa do Passal his iconic family home in Cabanas de Viriato.

Only decades later was his name restored and the story of his heroic deed recognized throughout the world. However at this very moment his magnificent home continues to be neglected and teeters on the brink of collapse, waiting for a plan to be approved and carried out, to restore it as a symbol and tribute to those in this world who don’t just follow orders and who take action to help others regardless of the risk to themselves.

I had a chance to visit Casa do Passal during Carnaval in Cabanas over the past few days.  The following video contains moments from that visit.

Video Highlights from 27C3

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Plans, 27C3Someone joked with me as they watched me sort through video from the 27C3 in Berlin last week – “Blinking lights, computers, nerd humor…that looks like every year of the congress.” Good point, I thought to myself. But I still love gathering and assembling highlights for my own personal record and for others to get a glimpse of what this talented group of people do once a year when we gather.

27C3 Moments in Video from BicycleMark on Vimeo.

bmtv120 Retweet Risks

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A vlog entry regarding how tweets from conflict zones often get repeated and then expanded or exaggerated and then at some point becomes the story.. even if it isn’t accurate. Not to say twitter should be filled with fun, creative lies, and general randomness.. I like that too. But this is specifically about situations where we are getting our information from twitter about places where we can not go or are not able to get to in a moment.  Places where sometimes, even the people who are there nearby, can still get the story wrong.