bmtv116 Kabul Golf Club

We rambled into the Kabul Golf Club one afternoon in September, as we had heard there was a golf course in the outskirts of Kabul where one could play nine holes like no others in this world.  What we found was a charming and forgotten course with a staff that are extremely happy to see you.  Among the stars of the day was Mohammad Afzal Abdul, club Pro and our escort the entire afternoon.  He has run the club for the last 40 years, facing imprisonment twice and a laundry list of problems as Afghanistan has struggled over the last few decades.  The following is a video interview I did with him as we made our way through the course.

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  1. della
    September 20, 2010

    Hi Mark,
    I just finished reading, rather catching up…
    What an amazing place you are in to be able to travel and share these stories and views. Thank you for a refreshing and honest approach. I feel there is so much negativity that surrounds anything to do with the middle east when in all reality we aren’t all that different at the end of the day…. thank you for what you are doing! sending you love ~ xo

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