bmtv115 Eid Vlog

As hard as it has been to record a video entry from Afghanistan, I’m finally getting the hang of when is a good moment. The following video entry was recorded from a friend’s balcony on the first day of Eid. Just a little video hello, one week before the much anticipated Afghan Parliamentary Elections.


  1. September 19, 2010

    Wild. Not what I expected. Subtle signs of trouble: the barbed wire almost-shopping mall aesthetic of the manufactured building units.

    Good job Mark.

    Reflecting on what you discussed with Madge and from some of your other Afghanistan reports, I’m vaguely vaguely reminded of a sort of primitive set of cultural norms and brutal allegiance to customs like early christians. I just read excerpts from the blog of a british medical worker who was recently killed by the taliban. She was explaining the terror female patients displayed when she wanted to perform a simple examination of them. Or how male patients responded like terrified 13 year-olds when being examined by a female doctor.

    All because of one belief – one idea – versus another. Just thoughts in people’s heads.

    • bicyclemark
      September 20, 2010

      Whats the link to that blog chris? would like to read.. I think. Thanks by the way. Its good to hear you’re getting something out of what Im putting out. Belief vs Belief is indeed what causes so much destruction in this world.

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