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May 9, 2009 / Text

I admit that during his life I didn’t know everything about Augusto Boal and his work for social justice and human rights. I should have, because now only a few days after his death, it is clear he was my kind of guy; someone who’s life is an example to many of us.

DemocracyNow recently played an old interview with Boal from 2007, I would highly recommend you listen to his words, they’re brief but meaningful.? Also I wanted to include my favorite part of the interview which is better in audio format, but for those who prefer to read:

January 6, 2009 / Text

Pleased to read today that Raed (blogger, journalist, world citizen) has won his lawsuit against JetBlue and the Transportation Security Authority in the US.? You’ll recall my shirt, the We Will Not be Silent black tshirt, which made headlines when Raed was taken off a plane in the US for wearing it (it has arabic script on it).? In case you don’t remember, he was taken off the plane because it was thought that his shirt was threatening and he was asked to change his shirt. He refused and was taken off the flight, at some point a security worker said wearing such a shirt was the equivalent of wearing a shirt in a bank that reads, “I am going to rob you”.

I’ve very proud and happy for Raed, yet at the same time

April 10, 2007 / Audio

It has been said in post Katrina discussions, that you can’t sue the Army Corps. But in fact, you can and New Orleanians are doing just that. Meanwhile people being held at the city jail are reporting the most horrifying and hazardous conditions. Tune in…