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September 8, 2018 / Audio

It’s another wonderful Japan visit! This time we start with crickets in the Tokyo suburbs and then move on to the top of the 5th inning, standing upper deck on a friday night, at an exciting Swallows (Tokyo)- Baystars (Yokohama) baseball game. People are getting really drunk all around me and boy oh boy do they love Lopez.

November 24, 2016 / Audio

It may draw some stares and annoy my traveling companions, but occasionally I take out the recorder while we are on long train journeys to try and capture the sounds and memories. The following is audio from some of those train rides. Some of South India’s most beloved train lines coming to you directly in audio format. Enjoy!

April 16, 2008 / Text

Having missed my flight, waited a day for another flight, and then arrived here in Lisbon only to have my luggage misplaced for the rest of the day, there was lots of time to catch up on podcasts and especially new video content. So while…

May 29, 2007 / Text

I wandered over a few blocks from where Im staying here in Prenzlauerberg (Berlin), to take part in the latest eipisode of Küchen Radio. The people sitting around the kitchen table were great fun and I loved answering questions and observing their style of running…