New Name, Same Great Taste

Breaking News:

Dear Readers, Listeners, Viewers and anyone who does not feel included in those three categories including methodists. As of today I am retiring the title of this site, Bicyclemark’s Communique. After some un-careful reflection, considering that being a podcaster, a blogger, and a videoblogger is more than just a hobby, but in fact, a calling… I needed a change of title.

This change is to hopefully take the emphasis off my internet pen name, bicyclemark, which of course will live FOREVER! And to bring to the forefront what is that I set out to do, especially through my audio and video. Also because I’ve grown tired of people not understanding my title or having no clue what a communique is. A name like citizen reporter should be easier to understand at first glance.

Originally inspired by the Zapatista movement, which I so admired in the late 90’s, the name communique has served me for more than 8 years, going back to my first website where I would write my opinions on world events, before I knew how to setup a blog.

So there you have it, spread the word, make a mental note, Bicyclemark’s Communique is now, Still committed to breaking down the mainstream, shedding light on the marginalized, and questioning the answers. Naturally with the occasional dispatch relating to life and experiences.

Thanks for your time and support. Now I leave you with a photo of a floating BarBQ.