Videos from Jersey

Having missed my flight, waited a day for another flight, and then arrived here in Lisbon only to have my luggage misplaced for the rest of the day, there was lots of time to catch up on podcasts and especially new video content.

So while I try to figure out where the leak in my roof is coming from, I wanted to recommend one of my favorite new video podcasts (new to me):  Not only does it provide excellent segments about things happening in New Jersey, it does something unique… using photos instead of video, with audio to put those photos into context. In effect, these are news slideshows.

One of the lastest video-slideshows that I enjoyed was about a homeless-assistance center in Hackensack that is being shut down.  The images and the sounds from that center, and the voices of the people who work and go there, I get a real sense of what it means to them and what a dramatic turn of events it is that the city is pushing to close it down.

If you’re remotely curious about a unique audio-visual way to report news and tell a story, watch, as you may find something about it interesting and educational.