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May 13, 2015 / Audio

Over the past year (maybe more) my friend Yves has been on a journey of self discovery and observing human behavior. Each time he returns to Amsterdam we talk about his observations and attempts to change what is considered “normal everyday” communication. This time, we bring microphones to one of those conversations, in attempt to bring in you -the audience- to discuss people, communication, needs, and yes – the meaning of life. Never thought I’d write that as a podcast title 🙂 Don’t be scared. It’s nothing. So have a listen!A small but perhaps relevant link:Marshall Rosenberg – Nonviolent Communication

October 5, 2013 / Audio

Rabble was the first ever employee at twitter and had the opportunity to watch how it went from activist tool to massively popular communication medium.  In a world where everyone thinks they know why twitter or tools like twitter exist and are good, Rabble has unique knowledge that can explain why it exists and how things changed over time. He can tell you the good, the bad, and the in between, as is so often the case with such a widely used platform.

September 19, 2012 / Text

A suicide bomber attacks a vehicle traveling on the airport road in Kabul yesterday.  14 people are killed, people throughout the city are once again confronted with a  major act of violence and destruction.  Throughout the world millions read the headlines and chalk it up…

February 29, 2012 / Text

As far as the internet goes, what you recorded last week might be interesting. What you recorded last year might be fondly remembered. And what you recorded last year is pretty much gone. At least, that is how it often feels as a content creator.…