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Evidence to Convict A Murderer

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Many visitors to this site and readers of this blog are no doubt listeners or watchers of democracy now, perhaps the most important 60 min of audio one can consult in the average day.  Well last friday’s show is one I had to listen to a second time.

People often fall back on slogans like, “the past is the past” and “its time to move on” whenever you bring up an uncomfortable or unresolved conflict. … Read Full Text

bmtv37 Congressional War Criminals

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John Edwards voted for the war in Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed because of the war in Iraq.

John Edwards helped make that possible.

And now he tells the public he is a good candidate to lead the country.

This is my response.

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Welcome to 07, Lets Start with Saddam

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Everyone will talk about the Saddam execution, and I can’t help but be one more today.

Nothing screams modern society like a hanging. And did you see the uncensored video of it? Talk about watching a barbaric civilization.. and when I say that Im referring to the so-called human civilization.

I know.. its the new year and Im enjoying life in Berlin.. why be so hard on humanity? Well.. I refuse to take-it-easy on humankind in ’07.… Read Full Text