Welcome to 07, Lets Start with Saddam

Everyone will talk about the Saddam execution, and I can’t help but be one more today.

Nothing screams modern society like a hanging. And did you see the uncensored video of it? Talk about watching a barbaric civilization.. and when I say that Im referring to the so-called human civilization.

I know.. its the new year and Im enjoying life in Berlin.. why be so hard on humanity? Well.. I refuse to take-it-easy on humankind in ’07.

But here’s an aspect of the execution that I’ve been especially compelled by, sorting through todays news i came across a BBC article that interviews the US military nurse in charge of Saddam since capture. He says some pretty interesting things, including that Saddam frequently asked why the US had invaded Iraq if its laws were fair and the inspectors had declared there were no WMD. It also talks about some lesser important details about how he gardened and saved his bread scraps to feed birds. The last detail that really got me was about the occasion where the nurse had to leave to return to the US, and Saddam embraced him and said that now.. they were brothers.

All these details further add to the pile of questions and inconsistencies about the man. Above all, that he really does not understand what has happenned to him, his country, and perhaps even what he did – wrong or right.

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, many leaders around the world have already expressed their opinions that the trial was not a fair one and that the execution was a mistake.

For my part I would add that something seems very odd about the timing, and how fast this execution was pushed. When you think about it, having Saddam dead prevents any intimate details from ever coming out about important moments in history – including the days when he was buddy buddy with the US.