The Crime Known as War

My good friends and colleagues at wikileaks have released a long anticipated and truly horrifying video obtained unofficially from the US military.  Unofficially is putting it kindly, the US military never wanted you to see this video where civilians are targeted and killed over and over.  I could say more but I’d rather let the video and wikileaks do the talking, so please watch for yourself.


  1. April 7, 2010

    I watched the video when it was released and read the material on the website.

    If we assume that the pilots were blind and mistook the camera for RPG’s etc – even then, the questions for me are:

    1) Why attack the truck? I heard the soldier saying “They are here to pick up wounded and weapons”; but – they clearly were not going to be shooting at the helicopters. Why deny them from picking up the wounded?

    2) Why lie to the media? Why say things like “We have no idea how the children were wounded”? Also – why were the wounded children just given to local police? The comment about bringing children to war is horrendous.

    So many comments could be given about this. But I guess the most important part is that wikileaks is supported. I hope the source for this leak is never identified, and that others can feel more safe in disclosing such information.

  2. luiz paulo
    April 8, 2010

    and if one of the many crimes that will appear committed by crazed and insane soldiers USA, now have the answer why the USA government has not signed the treaty of war crimes already knew what would happen if the agreement is signed.

  3. bicyclemark
    April 9, 2010

    Yeah its a bizarre video and perhaps whats most bizarre is that many of us are not shocked by this. I mean to say, I wasnt. Ive never been to war but Ive listened closely to those that have and its clear war is madness where the worst shit ever is carried out as if it makes sense. This to me is a typical scene we just dont normally get to see it.

    @LP of course. Like landmines, nuclear weapons, they love keeping the option open to using these terrible weapons.

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