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Voices from Afghanistan

In the summer of 2010 and again in 2011 I traveled to Afghanistan to work as a teacher and a reporter on issues relating to elections observation and media production. During that time I traveled to several cities and saw amazing and beautiful sides of this complicated country. The following are the conversations I recorded, with Afghans, ex-pats and journalists who know and care a great deal about the past, present and future of the nation.

ctrp418 Communicating Afghanistan Through Photos

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Getting the world to listen through photos is a big part of Massoud Hossaini’s work as a photographer in Afghanistan.… Read Full Text

ctrp385 Bringing Internet to Afghanistan

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Juan Rodriguez

Since the beginning of 2011 Juan Rodriguez has been working in Afghanistan with the mission to help this country communicate. … Read Full Text

ctrp384 Poetry in Afghanistan

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Strolling by the Spice Shop in Herat

You don’t often hear from poets in Afghanistan, but beyond all the politics and violence that gets all the press, they’ve been there all along, writing, reciting, performing…

My guest is Wida Sharifi, a poet and writer based here in Herat.… Read Full Text

ctrp353 Working as a Female Photographer in Afghanistan

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It wasn’t some childhood dream that led Mariam to photography, instead it was a series of encounters and encouragement that led her to become a professional photographer in her home country of Afghanistan.… Read Full Text