ctrp350 Eid and Homosexuality in Afghanistan

Alleys of KabulOn the eve of Eid a large group of friends made their way to an oasis outside Kabul to have a relaxing dinner. Sure enough I brought my recorder and before you know it, we got into discussions about the importance of the holiday and eventually, the history of homosexuality in Afghanistan. This recording was made during the course of our dinner and as such drifts off and is interrupted occasionally. Both topics could surely be developed further, but at the very least, this podcast might provide a good introduction.

ctrp349 Lessons Not Learned in Afghanistan

Girl with one roller-blade

Over the last 4 years working in Afghanistan, Bette Dam has learned a few things. During her time embedded with the Dutch military in Uruzgan she learned that this was no way to do journalism. Researching and observing the behavior of the other international forces she learned of the counter-productive posturing and refusal to learn from the past.  Moreover, as a journalist, she has learned the challenges of getting people in the west to pay attention and think critically about reports coming from Afghanistan.

As the kites flew high overhead one fine afternoon in Kabul, we sat down to discuss this and more.

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ctrp348 An Afghanistan Round Table

Bananas on Chicken Street

On one summer night in Kabul, 6 friends of various backgrounds sit on a roof under the stars when the city is at its quietest, to discuss their thoughts on this place thats means something different for each person.  During the course of this extended podcast, we get into how to explain the ways of this place, as well as the answer to these statements you often hear about how “They don’t want us here” and “Afghanistan must solve its own problems.”

ctrp347 Arriving in Kabul

Arriving in Kabul is like arriving in no other country I have ever been to before. The beautiful beige mountains surrounding this city in ruins, with military and police presence seemingly everywhere,  it doesn’t take long before a visitor see’s something odd or funny, an instant story for whomever will listen later.

The following podcast is just an introduction to this journey, with a limited explanation as to what I’m doing here, what I’ve observed so far, and all kinds of additonal thoughts about Afghanistan.