National Self Esteem

There is no shortage of blog posts and online commentary about the US elections right now.  Despite being dedicated to under reported news, today I’m going to add just a little more to this excessively covered, global concern. There is this long tradition in the United States that during presidential elections, candidates constantly play the […]

Manufacturing Their Cold War

For almost 2 decades, the military alliance known as NATO has been expanding to include most of Eastern Europe.  Originally founded to oppose the Soviet Union and it’s allies, NATO leaders have insisted for the last few years that it is no longer to oppose Russia, but to fight terrorism and increase security.  Meanwhile many […]

Work on the Candidate

Many of you know I’ve lived outside the United States since late 2001.  If I were trying to seem poetic or sentimental I would mention that it was 2 months after 9/11.  Or I would bring up the extreme difficulty and hostility I experienced trying to do research as a freelance journalist into the disappearing […]