bmtv50 Oppression in Russia

This vlog was put together before I left Berlin yesterday. It concerns last week’s gay rights demonstration in Moscow, where once again we see what kind of police state the entire country has become. The rampant homophobia, not only among the authorities but also among regular people, is horrifying. I used the footage from EURONEWS, […]

Fear of Losing Estonian-ness

As part of being in Berlin this week I attended a lovely hacker conference-party by the name of PH-Neutral. Perhaps the best part of this get together was that I met two very fun new friends, K and F. (maybe they dont want their names used, who knows) K recognized me from the talk I […]

Nuclear Juntas

Can’t quite finish the vlog I’m working on tonight so instead I wanted to bring up Burma. Or Myanmar, same difference. What strikes me as odd and worthy of attention about Burma is that over the past 6 years they’ve managed to come in completely below the diplomatic and global media radar. Besides the international […]

F Yeltsin

Seriously I never liked him and I don’t buy into the whole whitewash the US media gives the story of Russia’s “democratic revolution.” Plus I doubly hated how it was taught in US high school… those pages on Yeltsin, beyond the usual oder of US HS history books, stunk to high heaven. But nevermind my […]