Bad Things Happen in Nuremberg

Someone needs to make a musical version of tonight’s Portugal versus Netherlands match. I hate talking sports, but in this case we are talking musical theater. Like West Side Story meets Hamlet. Actually maybe not Hamlet. It had everything… drama, dance, anger, love, and an insane Russian referee. Fantastic! All that’s missing is the music […]

bm133 Love Letters and Forgotten Secrets; The Words of Ahmadinejad

MP3 Audio [20 MB]DownloadShow URL Judging by the news stories over the past few days, the US has come to accept that Iran can and should be talked with. While over the past few weeks, the Iranian president himself has been doing alot of talking, interviewing, and travelling. So what about this alleged monster as […]

Nuclear Irony

I burst into the amsterdam vlogger meetup this evening and my opening statement was as follows: If you don’t want other nations to get nuclear weapons, try not developing them in the first place. I listened to radio open source on the way from the oud west to de balie, and they were talking about […]