BM VS Theworld

Today's post littered with photos from Y2K Europe

Like any human on an extremely small budget, centrally located on the continent of Europe, I do love to travel, and travel cheaply. Yet being the part-time king, I haven’t traveled much in the past years. So today as I browsed the travel section of the V&D I made a radical yet non-binding decision: I WILL TRAVEL MORE. Nevermind the money, nevermind the time schedule, forget all of that – Bicyclemark is steppin out!

Today I purchased a Routard guide to Sweden, thin little sucker for such a vast country. It will be my first stop, to see Stockholm and my great friend Marty McFly and his girlfriend comic-book girl. But that won’t be my only stop, over the next four years these are my top five destinations:

  • Sweden/Norway; ladies, snow, friends, need I say more?
  • Ireland; cause Mr. English awaits, and Brian is moving there.
  • Cuba; because I can and I don’t want to miss it.
  • Libya; My good friend from the embassy in Portugal is being transferred back and will be my personal tour guide
  • Brazil and Argentina; Both as a Portuguese-Birthrite and part of my motorcycle diaries tour of South America.
  • Russia;(moscow, st. pete’s, because I’m obsessed with Russian history and Yakov Smirnov“In soviet Russia, country travels to visit tourists.”

Furthermore I don’t want to do all this shit alone, necessarily, so who’s coming along? Claim the trip now, seats are limited.

I can’t blog straight today, enjoying the presence of NoCoins and Tawdryjones here at the ranch. Today we took on junkies, tomorrow – Belgium. Next week, the world.

Oh, and I bloscar award nominate xtx for her post on that show lost and other posts from yesterday. She has quickly become one of my new favorites.

Today’s Sounds: Wes Montgomery – Fingerpickin’