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Portugal’s Yes

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I was on the phone with mom earlier this evening and I asked if she’d heard about the results of the referendum. “NO I haven’t!” she said.

Portugal held a referendum yesterday on the question of abortion. While I was there in December I did see a scattered few billboards in Lisbon urging either a YES to legalize abortion or NO to keep abortion illegal. While I did get to ask a few people about it, i don’t remember much conversation on the topic, but I was definitely watching the results come in last night as Im sure many of my Portuguese friends were.… Read Full Text

bm170 Venice and the Crusades

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The idea behind this podcast begins in the alleyways of Venice, only a few days ago.… Read Full Text

Some Opium with your Masses

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Working on many things and yet… not doing enough, thats how I feel these days. Unemployed yet still going to work, it seems. Oh and I had a lovely visit from Max and Stacy of Karmabanque and even managed to take them out on the Red August despite the rain. Nothing funnier than as Im coming home, and it starts pouring rain – I simply open my umbrella, kick the engine into high gear, and wave to all the cozy party boats as I pass them with reckless abandon.… Read Full Text

bmtv23 Revisiting the Story of Asbury Park

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In order to further explore the theme of how cities thrive and decay, specifically the case of Asbury Park, the following is part 1 of a vlogged history. The last minute has a audio-video timing problem, fixing it would give me an ulcer. Please Note: Im just an amateur armchair historian, I don’t claim to know everything about the place, but I have been doing endless hours of research.… Read Full Text