The Portugal Uganda Connection

The Portugal Uganda Connection
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From somewhere in Portugal to somewhere in Uganda. Today’s podcast takes a few turns and comes with a bold declaration to take it back to the old school. Weekly podcasts are back? Can it be? Listen to all if it and subscribe in your podcast app. CTRP is in there somewhere.

Catarina Gomes: The Wildfires of Portugal

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Dynamic journalist and inspiring global citizen Catarina Gomes joins me at the kitchen table on the 1 year anniversary of the deadly wildfires in Portugal. What is going on today? What lessons have we learned? What is the road forward? Much to figure out and to do in the years to come. And you can hear all about it on today’s episode.



Colin D’Cruz: The Music of Goa

Colin D’Cruz: The Music of Goa
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in Goa
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avatar Colin D\'Cruz
at Jazz Goa Studios

in-the-jazz-goa-studio-with-colin-dcruz_31171317225_oJazz, konkani, Portuguese, bollywood; these are just the tip of the iceberg when you start to examine the rich heritage of Goan music.  Colin D’Cruz is a one stop shop for music made in Goa. As a musician, producer, and record label, he’s got his ear to the ground when it comes to what sounds are coming out of Goa; yesterday, today and in the future. We went to visit him in the studio where we recorded this brief tour of Goan music.

Songs used in this podcast (available via JazzGoa): 

  • Shubhangi Joshi – Kuch Na Kaho
  • Queenie Fernandes – Rupkar Tuzo
  • Nadia Dias – Cucurucu
  • Zezinho Fernandes – Eu Daria Minha Vida
  • Francis Lobo – Yours
  • Seby Ef – Eke Raatcho Mog
  • Joshua Costa – Bachata Blues


CTRP480 From the Mountains in São Miguel, Azores

CTRP480 From the Mountains in São Miguel, Azores
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19285488051_ab8c1879de_zSão Miguel, the main island of the breathtaking Azores has been an adventure this summer, traveling in circles around the island from the highest peaks to the sea and back again. It is a place of incomparable beauty and beyond that, a people who have such a good hearted caring nature you dare not ask a small question unless you’re ready for the extensive information and help they’re going to insist on giving you. While the world watches as society changes in interesting and sometimes very painful ways in different parts of the world, here on the island things are as they have surely always been. Cows are grazing. Fish are jumping. Tourists taking pictures. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I recorded this podcast on one of our last nights in the Azores on a trip that has taught me a lot and inspired some future journeys in the effort to experience and learn even more.

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