Colin D’Cruz: The Music of Goa

in-the-jazz-goa-studio-with-colin-dcruz_31171317225_oJazz, konkani, Portuguese, bollywood; these are just the tip of the iceberg when you start to examine the rich heritage of Goan music.  Colin D’Cruz is a one stop shop for music made in Goa. As a musician, producer, and record label, he’s got his ear to the ground when it comes to what sounds are coming out of Goa; yesterday, today and in the future. We went to visit him in the studio where we recorded this brief tour of Goan music.

Songs used in this podcast (available via JazzGoa): 

  • Shubhangi Joshi – Kuch Na Kaho
  • Queenie Fernandes – Rupkar Tuzo
  • Nadia Dias – Cucurucu
  • Zezinho Fernandes – Eu Daria Minha Vida
  • Francis Lobo – Yours
  • Seby Ef – Eke Raatcho Mog
  • Joshua Costa – Bachata Blues