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Riding the Trains in South India

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Videos from Jersey

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Having missed my flight, waited a day for another flight, and then arrived here in Lisbon only to have my luggage misplaced for the rest of the day, there was lots of time to catch up on podcasts and especially new video content.

Boonton LineSo while I try to figure out where the leak in my roof is coming from, I wanted to recommend one of my favorite new video podcasts (new to me): … Read Full Text

Kitchen Radio Berlin

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I wandered over a few blocks from where Im staying here in Prenzlauerberg (Berlin), to take part in the latest eipisode of Küchen Radio. The people sitting around the kitchen table were great fun and I loved answering questions and observing their style of running a show.

By all means click and give a listen, you’ll here me talk about media, money, growing up Portuguese-American, some very personal issues, and much more… if you can stand one hour of me and the Küchen friends..… Read Full Text

New Name, Same Great Taste

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Breaking News:

Dear Readers, Listeners, Viewers and anyone who does not feel included in those three categories including methodists. As of today I am retiring the title of this site, Bicyclemark’s Communique. After some un-careful reflection, considering that being a podcaster, a blogger, and a videoblogger is more than just a hobby, but in fact, a calling… I needed a change of title.

This change is to hopefully take the emphasis off my internet pen name, bicyclemark, which of course will live FOREVER!… Read Full Text