CTRP479 It’s Nothing: A Conversation About Humanity

Over the past year (maybe more) my friend Yves has been on a journey of self discovery and observing human behavior. Each time he returns to Amsterdam we talk about his observations and attempts to change what is considered “normal everyday” communication. This time, we bring microphones to one of those conversations, in attempt to bring in you the audience to discuss people, communication, needs, and yes – the meaning of life. Never thought I’d write that as a podcast title :)

Zizek on ROS

My recommendation for you on this friday is a very inspiring podcast conversation that came out on Radio Open Source recently. Chris’s guest was Slavoj Zizek, a fantastically crazy human who mixes history with philisophy with 80’s movies… and uses it all to help us understand what is going on around us and what can […]