Zizek on ROS

My recommendation for you on this friday is a very inspiring podcast conversation that came out on Radio Open Source recently.? Chris’s guest was Slavoj Zizek, a fantastically crazy human who mixes history with philisophy with 80’s movies… and uses it all to help us understand what is going on around us and what can be learned from it.

Among my favorite of his statements is when he is speaking about the US political culture and the current presidential race, he mentions the tendancy for some candidates to say “We’ve had enough talk, we need action” to which Zizek? something like NO. Now more than EVER, WE NEED TALK. TALKING is essential before we take significant action.

As you run around this weekend, turn on this episode of Radio Open Source, Zizek is a fantastic blend of your favorite teacher, your favorite movie critic, and you crazy next door neighbor.