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bmtv43 St Mary’s of the 9 Ward

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This is a vlog entry about my visit to the upper ninth ward in New Orleans. I also walk around St. Mary’s school which is now a base of operations for the common ground relief effort.Read Full Text

bm193 Oasis in the Ninth Ward

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Somewhere in the upper ninth ward, amidst the destruction and abandonment, there are 400 volunteers occupying a school.… Read Full Text

Some Americans’ Priorities

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I started off the morning by heading to the ninth ward… err.. nine ward. Having heard soo much about it, I was anxious to be there and see how people were dealing with post Katrina life more than a year and a half later. Lil Robin lives just a stones throw down the road from the ward, so I had little trouble finding it. You know when you’re in the ninth ward… it’s hard not to know..… Read Full Text

bmtv42 Exploring the Bayou

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Many many issue-focused podcasts coming up, but as I’m not ready with them yet, I bring you something else. This vlog entry is from my first day in the New Orleans area.. at the Jean Lafitte natural park. Amazing to look at the wetlands, the animals, the vegetation. Makes me even more concerned about their decline and destruction.… Read Full Text