Citizen Journalism is Tony Pierce in NOLA

When I heard that my friend and blogger inspiration, Mr Tony Pierce, was driving down the eastern US heading towards New Orleans, I immediately send an email. “We gotta do a podcast about what you see in NOLA” I told him. And of course he said ‘yes’. (we’re still working out the logistics)

But when I looked yesterday at photoeassy on LAist, and even better, his videoblog entry interviewing a high school girl in the NINE WARD, I had to watch it again. I sat back in my chair and once again felt inspired. Not that I had forgotten, but it reminded me of what I love about being a citizen reporter through personal media. The spontaneity of it all, the rawness, the honest curiousity. Free of that desire to look polished and clean and perfect… focusing on the message. And through his posts, I certainly heard a message about what is or IS NOT happening down in New Orleans.

For tonight I’d simply like to recommend you check it all out, all his writing from the big easy.. and especially that video. I know it may not connect with you, but from where I sit, this was excellent work and important when it comes to telling a story without expensive cameras and executive producers.