ctrp388 Journalism Under Attack in the Netherlands

MP3 Audio [21 MB]DownloadShow URL An investigative journalist in the Netherlands has exposed major security flaws in a major government project which promised safe and easy travel throughout the country. He has been reporting the results of his work to both the public and the government. The goal was to inform the public while also […]

ctrp316 Coffeeshops, Drug Tourism, and Politics

MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL Two Dutch municipalities decided last year that all their coffeeshops must be closed down. While in other cities, like nearby Breda, city governments have no intention of going back to the days of street dealing in back alleys and dark corners.  Selçuk Akinci is a blogging–tweeting digital native, not to […]

ctrp315 The Unfinished Drug Policy of the Netherlands

MP3 Audio [24 MB]DownloadShow URL People around the world admire, hate, or giggle at what they think they know about drug policies in the Netherlands. But how much do they really know? To get beyond the tall tales and the half-baked explanation you’ll get from enthusiasts on both sides of the drug issue, it is […]