ctrp429 Sabotaging Drug Policy in the Netherlands

MP3 Audio [25 MB]DownloadShow URL Before the city of Maastricht chose to pursue marijuana prohibition policies they first asked a team of researchers to examine what impact it would have. The researchers found that the proposed “membership” system for coffeeshops, which included banning all non-residents from going into establishments, would have disastrous effects on the […]

ctrp424 Behind the Coffeeshop Counter

MP3 Audio [25 MB]DownloadShow URL When it comes to drug policy and coffeeshops in the Netherlands, we rarely hear the voices of those who work behind the counter and see how things work (or don’t work).  Nel has lived and worked in the coffeeshop world for over 5 years and in that time he has […]

ctrp423 Myths of Cannabis Prohibition in the Netherlands

MP3 Audio [39 MB]DownloadShow URL Over the past years alot of half-assed information has been spread by a combination of poor journalism and rumors via social media, which states that foreigners can no longer buy cannabis in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Though this is untrue, word about an experimental policy in the south of the Netherlands […]