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ctrp405 Fear and Rumors in Kosovo

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“If my grandmother knows Kosovo is a country… everyone knows Kosovo is a country”  Flekitza repeats in an attempt to help me understand what is going on in the Serbian community of Kosovo. … Read Full Text

ctrp404 The Youth of Kosovo

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Victory Pose
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ctrp403 Brain Gain and Starting Up in Kosovo

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Photo by SWPrishtina

Çelik Nimani is well aware of the difficulties his young country faces. … Read Full Text

Distance in Your Mind

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There are places where one can travel to in this world where you feel distant and an outsider.  Makes sense of course, you are an outsider.  But here in Prishtina, time and time again, people who I’ve never met before make me feel like I am their neighbor and they’ve been expecting to see me.  Perhaps it is the large number of foreigners who are here working as part of the development and security world.… Read Full Text