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Innovation and Change in Kosovo

In one of the classic and tragically forgotten regions of the world, life in Kosovo is far from easy and understood inside and outside the country. While doing a project in and around the country, I had the good fortune of spending time with those who have experienced and watched the changes that are (or are not) taking place.

ctrp405 Fear and Rumors in Kosovo

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“If my grandmother knows Kosovo is a country… everyone knows Kosovo is a country”  Flekitza repeats in an attempt to help me understand what is going on in the Serbian community of Kosovo. … Read Full Text

ctrp404 The Youth of Kosovo

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Victory Pose
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ctrp403 Brain Gain and Starting Up in Kosovo

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Photo by SWPrishtina

Çelik Nimani is well aware of the difficulties his young country faces. … Read Full Text

ctrp401 Tackling the Big Issues in Kosovo

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Unrecognized by many countries, unable to secure their borders, a struggling economy in a world already in crisis- the laundry list of problems that Kosovo faces can easily be called daunting. … Read Full Text