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bm104 Cheney’s Cronies

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This is a very sloppy background into who Cheney was hunting with and what connections they have and the ethical questions involved. Also it’s an analysis of how the press has focused on the talking points and the smaller points instead of asking hard questions about how Cheney hides things from the public and illegally secures contracts and jobs for his friends.

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This didn’t turn out as I intended..… Read Full Text

First World Garbage

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Fighting off a fever, I’ve been researching what is rarely discussed yet a huge issue in the world. Where do all those first world ships; cruise liners, war ships, etc., where do they go when they’re too old?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it. Maybe you’ve even sailed on one of those mickey mouse cruises, and while playing shuffle board the thought of one day having to dispose of this ship never crossed your mind.… Read Full Text

Crazy Paths That Often Cross

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I haven’t been talking about the meetings, the observations, and the thoughts, Ive been having since being back in New Jersey. Mostly because days melt into days and like some kind of battery-recharging, I don’t tend to do much with my time here, besides read blogs, play with the A-Ren, and take care of xmas shopping.

However last night was one of those great meetups, the kind that I look forward to long before making the trip out here.… Read Full Text

bicyclemark85: CIA Prisons and Torture Airlines

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Radio Journalist and Blogger Peter Gentle joins me from Warsaw, to discuss the talk about CIA gulags and where these prisons might and might not be. We also get into the role of Europe has a landing pad for the torture flights, etc.

AudioCommunique #85(mp3)
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The Beatroot – blogjournalism
Radio Polonia
unnamed sources and the washingtonpost
Not in Poland, but could be anywhere – especially Baku
torture flights
EU will try to do something, but will it result?… Read Full Text