Sonia meet Donald

Call me naive, but I was very excited by the Congress Party’s victory in the Indian elections. Their coalition with left parties shocked the Indian political world, who thought the success of the economy would carry the nationalists to re-election. Boy were they wrong. They forgot about the power of the vote that poor people are very good at exercising in India. So, let’s give a warm welcome to the future PM of a nation of 1 billion people, Indira Ghandi’s daughter-in-law, Sonia Ghandi!

Onto other subjects that warrant discussion. The guy with no head, I refuse to use his name because I haven’t used any other dead soldier’s names, so why start now – just because he gets more press then others? What I did find particularly interesting is that this guy’s story has more holes then swiss cheese. Not only has the authenticity of the video been questioned, but the reasons he was even there seem to have been fabricated. Was he just looking for work? Was he CIA? Was he a spy of any type? We’ll probably never know.

Lastly, and I know I shouldn’t waste my time, but – Donald Rumsfeld. During his “surprise visit” to Baghdad (some surprise, considering it’s his biggest embrassment), he said the following:

“I’ve stopped reading newspapers. You’ve got to keep your sanity somehow. I’m a survivor.” Is this man for real? He stopped reading newspapers? I wonder if he reads anything. Does he have time to when he’s not covering up war crimes?

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