Devil Cats

It feels like months since I blogged at 2am. Still kicking around the idea of going daily. One blog per day. It’s really tempting. I remember when Hugh in Indiana talked about going daily, and it seems to work well for him. On occasion, bloggers such as he get into baseball. I admit I don’t really follow organized sports of any kind, except what I hear via the blogosphere.

But I was interested, as an admirer of DC, in the idea of the Montreal Expos moving to DC. So who better to consult on this subject than the infamous DC mover and shaker: D-Rock. Now my initial thoughts were: BAD IDEA. Bad for the Orioles in Baltimore and generally ils sont toujours les Expos, always French-Canadian as far as I’m concerned.

But again… what do I know.. so D-Rock broke it down: they should be called the Senators, new stadium, a short metro ride and you’re there, lots of Virginians would come, Baltimore is too dam far. But then we started talking team names, to which he declared:

I hope they don’t name the baseball team a stupid freaking name like razor bob devil cats, or some stupid crap like the wizards what was wrong having the Bullets? Oh look at us we’re the wizards…we dress up and play dungeons and

dragons…ohh I’m going to put a spell on you, oh did you read the

newest Harry Potter? Fucking Horrible!

The devil rays, thunder, raptors, avalanche all of its crap!

Giants, Redskins, Yankees, Cubs, White Sox, Flyers, Brewers (my favorite)

Those are team names!

So there you have it.. direct from one DC horse’s mouth.

Crazy Dr. M who was hanging out at the bicyclemark ranch this evening, referred me to NEWSMAP. This project takes all the news stories.. I guess via the google news aggregator.. and shows the prevalence of certain stories based on square sizes. Well, something like that, see for yourself what stories are getting big squares. I still find it annoying what a big square this Dan Rather story is getting. Go away Dan Rather, I promise this blogger doesn’t give a shit what you and your network do or don’t report on. PS- You can Take Fox or NBC or whatever call letter network you want, with you. Maybe leave us the BBC and NPR.

Hey doesn’t it seem a bit late in the game for debates? I mean, usually don’t the US presidential debates take place by now.. end of september? I did a quick yahoo search (as opposed to the usual google) and found this debate between Bush and Gore from Oct. 3rd, so we haven’t missed that date yet. THIS JUST IN– I just noticed the first one scheduled for the 30th of Sept. My money is on yet another in the long history of bland, empty talking, back and forth, with no direct answers. I’ll be counting how often the candidates agree with each other… because with Bush-Gore I thought they were going to make love on stage. (just sex would be too crass)

Today’s Muic: The Hidden Cameras – as per Torontonienne’s recommendation