bm278 Radioactive Waste and Germany’s Nuclear Future

MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL Germany plans to phase out nuclear energy by 2021. But there’s some question if the government will really do it. Now the news has gotten out that radioactive waste has been leaking in the storage area that was supposed to be secure for many years to come. Will this speed […]

Nuclear Waste Leaking

Whenever I’m travelling long distance, either by train or occasionally by car, if a nuclear reactor appears on the horizon, I find myself staring at it.  One of the thoughts going through my head, an issue that still has no real long term answer: where do they put the radioactive waste? Over the years, trains […]

Corporate Influence in EU Governments

It is that feeling that never really goes away. No matter how often you might look around at how things work in Europe and admire things, there is the ever present feeling that politics, business, and everything in between is heading in the same direction as the United States. Yet another piece of evidence to […]