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Radioactive Lessons Not Learned

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One of the greatest speeches I ever attended that to this day has an immense impact on how I look at the world, was given by Dr. Helen Caldicott at William Paterson University of New Jersey.  It was the late 1990’s, I was in the middle of my college career, and I had never heard of this physician and global activist who travelled the world explaining the health effects and health risks posed by radiation from nuclear weapons and power plants.… Read Full Text

ctrp359 Fiji Water vs Fiji Government

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Just over a year ago Anna Lenzer’s exposé on Fiji Water rocked the carefully crafted eco-friendly image the bottled water company once had. … Read Full Text

ctrp338 The Story of the Living Planet Fund

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What happens when a someone living in the big money banking sector one day quits it all and tries out the world of environmental activism and conservation?… Read Full Text

bm291 Climate Change and The Age of Stupid

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He has traveled around the world showing the Al Gore film and speaking about climate change.… Read Full Text