bmtv8 Religion versus Wealth

With this vlog I intend to begin a series focused on questions of poverty, religion, education, health and more. Somehow these things are all inter-related, and I’m going to look into the numbers around the world. This episode deals with Religion versus Wealth. Using the data from PEW’s 2002 study, we can see the level […]

Canada goes American

From Europe yesterday to Canada today, I just read the details point by point, of the proposed Canadian budget from the new conservative government. Some might wonder, who are not Canadian, why one should pay attention to such details. Personally I admire Canada very much and think it’s a great example of a well grounded […]

bmtv4 Constant Gardener

Please let me know if you subscribers don’t like finding my vlogs in the same feed as podcasts etc. I realize my vlogs aren’t really educational or relating to important issues, but hey, I have fun making them. This one features entirely too many visuals of my face doing pointless things in the garden. Music: […]