Sport or Art?

Only four more days and I’m moving back to my old apartment (pictured in the background of this blog). What’s more, I’m returning to the land of ADSL high speed net. I’ve enjoyed being, and will always be a Wi-Fi guy. But its moments like right now, where I could do without the clang-clang of bottles and loud Greek phoneconversations going on behind me. People also tend to come and sit with my while I’d working on my laptop, apparently this pose screams “come sit with me and ask for emotional counseling.” Of course I love chatting with anyone and everyone, so I’m as much to blame. I just want my privacy back and wi-fi does not afford enough of it.

My quote of the week comes from my darling Blondy But Brilliant, phone rings this morning and the highlight of the conversation went like this:

BM: “So how was the rest of the party last night?”

BBB: “Oh it was… yeah.. fun.. we went to the Brazilian bar after.”

BM: “Oh.. wednesday night.. thats salsa night!” (remembering my former career as a salsa dancer)

BBB: “Yeah? uhhh Maybe thats what I was dancing.”

That for me says it all… it’s going to be one FUN September around here.

Onto more important issues, prior to the festivities the conversation was about blog ethics. The whole idea that by blogging you might get in trouble for some of your opinions, especially in terms of career, if a potential employer doesn’t like your blog. I remember when the Sarcastic Journalist was fired for her blog. (plenty of others too.) Basically our conclusion was simple, we blog from the heart as well as the brain, and we’ve no intention to censor ourselves, no matter what the risk. Of course blogging could be a risk, just like speaking up for yourself can be. But we’re quite aware of that, and I suspect we enjoy the danger. On the contrary, self-censoring our blogs would be fucking awful.

The Dean of the international school came up to me recently and said the following:

“Hey… over the weekend I browsed through your blog, and I must say – I enjoyed it.”

Could this mean I’m getting big in the international education world? Deans of the world get ready! Either way, big thanks for that compliment sir.

Oh I need some company.. someone to come see Taking Back Sunday and Coheed and Cambria with me at the Melkweg on Sunday. Actually I’m not as excited to see them as I am to see my boy Fej who’s tour managing for them. My childhood bud from waaaaay back.. coming to Amsterdam. Yeeehaw.

Today’s Music: Taking Back Sunday – (Cause they’re arriving Sunday in NL)