Visitors Eve

Singing: “LET THE EEEEEEEEAGLES FLYYYYY.” Let me echo the sentiments all around the blogosphere, pack your shit and get out Johnny boy, and don’t let the revolving door of cabinet positions smack you in the ass on the way out. Who knows friends, maybe Bush Part Deux will be a kinder and gentler administration………………. FOR ME TO POOP ON!

Big things lie on the horizon for bicyclemark. Join me on a quick preview, won’t you?

  • No Coins, one of my greatest friends of all time, who comes from “my planet”, arrives tomorrow morning along with Tawdryjones, queen of the livejournal. (if you’re into that scene – HA!) This is one of the most anticipated visits of my 2.3 years in the dam, we’re gonna do it up right, and besides gratuitous tourism, I will do what is necessary so they can meet the characters that make up my life here. Added bonus: they are both Philly cyclists, so they should adapt quickly and enjoy bike-life here.
  • We are now one month away from my 25th anniversary as a human being, not counting my time in the womb, which -I might add- was a glorious time. Dec. 10th… “mark” it down. I have to start planning that night, so put the champaign on ice, get the handcuffs out of the bottom drawer, and shine those dancin’ shoes, cause this boy is tired of low-key birthdays. For those wishing to do something extra – THE WISH LIST. MST3K on DVD is also a welcome gift. (don’t worry about DVD-regions, I broke that stupid code long ago.)
  • In less than two months I will be with my nephew… the A-REN… and together we will eat with bibs on, make funny baby sounds, and play with educational toys so that I might finally learn something.

    There is more, but who could top those three beautiful things? Plus, did you know teens don’t read newspapers? I know my cousin akindofirony does, but apparently she’s an exception. I looked at the statistics of what media teens spend their time with and decided to do my own life breakdown based on their categories. I encourage you to do the same in the comments.:

      Watch TV: Around 1 hour per day.

      Listened to music on the radio: 1 hour per day

      Listened to music on CDs/MP3s: 6/7 hours per day.

      Used the Web: an insane amount of hours per day.

      Played computer games: nah… too busy surfing the net.

      Read a book for pleasure: 30 minutes of my day.

      Read a magazine: They still exist?

      Read a newspaper: 45 minutes of my offline day.

      Read a comic book: You mean a graphic novel?

    I think the categories suck. You could (and I do) spend hours on the net reading newspapers, listening to the radio, playing games, and YES reading graphic novels. Something tells me Gallop is too damn old fashioned to be surveying teens.

    Today’s Sounds: Rush – Vapor Trails (Yes I sometimes listen to Rush!)