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The Caucuses, Past and Present

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work and travel in Georgia, to learn about this proud and struggling region of the world. These are the stories from those journeys…

ctrp416 Beneath the Facade of Tbilisi

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For Levan Asabashvili, the key to fixing Tbilisi is working on the small but significant issues to eventually change the big picture.… Read Full Text

ctrp415 Satire and News in Georgia

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Every nation needs someone to question, ciriticize, and even make fun of its own society.… Read Full Text

ctrp381 Language and War in Georgia

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Old TbilisiDriving outside of Tbilisi on the way to the ancient city Mtskheta, my hosts and I talk about Georgian language and how it has been effected by decades of Soviet Occupation and migration patterns.… Read Full Text

ctrp380 Intro to Georgia

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Tbilisi by Morieli on flickr

I suddenly find myself in the republic of Georgia and the first thing one needs when arriving in a new country such as Georgia is a guide.… Read Full Text